Kenyan visa for Norwegian citizens

Kenyan visa for Norwegian citizens

Kenyan visa for Norwegian citizens

Since immemorial times, the African continent has been one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. And it is not for less, since in this corner of the planet we can find from paradisiacal beaches to snowy mountains, and from deserts to incredible almost virgin forests, not to mention the impressive African savannas, whose wildlife in the rest of the world can only be seen in zoos. That is why it is not surprising that for a long time, tourists from European countries have chosen one of the African countries as their destinations for vacations.

But among all the countries that make up the African continent, there is one that stands out from among its neighbors, not only because of the tranquility it can offer its visitors but also because of all the wonders that are within its territory. Wonders that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. We are referring to Kenya, a country located in East Africa, whose biodiversity and different cities year after year seduce many tourists eager to know this great site.

Travel to Kenya

This being such a large country, there are many places we would recommend visiting. But among all the incredible locations that are within the territory of Kenya, there are some that stand out:

Masai Mara National Park

This park can even be considered as a sacred place, and in this endless plain different ancestral tribes coexist with the wildlife of the place (among which we find lions, giraffes, rhinos, hyenas, and others), in a perfect balance that the time has not been able to break. We cannot also forget to visit a Masai village. It is one of the mandatory visits when traveling to Kenya.


This city is a very important cultural center in the country. Here, in addition to getting acquainted with the Kenyan culture, we can try their typical cuisine, visit the trendy places in the city and even find very original cultural proposals.

Nakuro Lake

Another important point to know the wildlife in Kenya. Located 150 km from Nairobi, this is one of the best places in the world to see different types of wild birds, as well as other animals, among which we find hippos. Pink flamingos are a heady sight.

How to travel to Kenya

These we have seen are just some of the most important points to visit in the country, but there are many more, such as Mount Kenya.

Certainly, there is no doubt that this is one of the best destinations we can choose to spend our holidays and that the experiences here will be unforgettable. But, before starting our trip to Kenya, it is necessary to do a previous investigation. And the most important thing we must investigate is what are the country’s policies to allow foreigners to enter their borders, because as we are in the African continent, a place that has traditionally had many conflicts, the entrance to some countries can be more complicated than for others.

In the case of Kenya, the entry permit is not as complicated as for its neighboring countries, besides we are guaranteed that we can have a safe stay within its territory, therefore there is no need to worry. But if it is necessary to comply with some formalities before being able to apply for a visa to enter.

Visa to Kenya

In the past, in order to enter Kenya, it was necessary to apply for a visa at an embassy, which was a somewhat cumbersome process. But being a country so open to tourism, another way of being able to apply for a visa in a simpler way had to be created, so that all potential tourists had a quick way to obtain a visa. This system is called Evisa or Electronic Visa, as its name says it is an electronic procedure, which must be done online and is eligible only for some nationalities.

Depending on our country of origin, as well as the country we wish to visit, it will be more difficult or easier to obtain a visa to enter its borders. Let’s see what the situation of Norwegian citizens wishing to enter Kenya is.

Kenyan visa for Norwegian citizens

Luckily for Norwegian citizens, this is one of the eligible nationalities to be able to apply for evisa to enter Kenya, which makes the visa application process much easier.

The process to apply for it must be done online and to do so you need to have a passport with at least six months validity from the moment you intend to enter the country, at least one blank page in the passport, a passport-sized photograph and a Debit or credit card that allows online payments, since it is necessary to pay a more than reasonable fee to obtain the visa.

Having these documents, a simple form must be filled in and, if no mistake is made, the visa will be approved in a short time.

But as every expert traveler knows, there is always the possibility of making mistakes in these procedures, so if we want to have no problems in applying for permission to enter Kenya, the idea is to do it with professionals.

How to get a Kenyan visa for Norwegian citizens

Making a procedure with the help of professionals can help us not to make mistakes at the time of the request and to further simplify a process that, despite being simpler than a normal request, can still be cumbersome.

We are experts in making evisa applications for Norwegian citizens. With our experience, we can help you make your visa process to travel to Kenya very easy. With us, you will only have to worry about traveling, because the problems related to the procedures will vanish.

So if you are a Norwegian citizen and want to travel to Kenya, your best option is to contact us and we will be happy to help you. Similarly, if you have any questions or problems, we are always available to help our customers, no matter when.

Kenyan visa for Norwegian citizens


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